1/4th Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry.
War Diary, 1915 to 1919

War Diary

war diary 1/4th oxford and bucks li

1/4th Oxford and bucks light infantry, world war 1

4981 / 201746 Christopher Green
France 1916

Died of Wounds
8th August 1917.

4981/201746 Pte Christopher Green, 1/4th Oxford and Bucks Light Inf.

This project is a result of research into my Family history. During this research I found out that my Grandfather Christopher Green, born 9th November 1880 at 14 Wood Street, St Ebbe's, Oxford, died of wounds on August 8th 1917, at Dozinghem Casualty Clearing Station near Ypres.

Further research showed that his Service papers were one of the many destroyed in the Blitz during the Second World War.

With much difficulty, but with great help from members of the Great War Forum, I was able to place an approximate date of his enlistment (May 1915), and when he may of embarked to the Western Front (March 1916). With these facts in mind, I purchased the War Diary for the 1/4th Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, in the hope of finding out more information.

All the War Diaries have now been added, in most cases operation orders have been included where they exist.

A searchable database of the Roll of Honour, and others who served in the 1/4th Oxford and Bucks during the Great War is also available.

The original (mostly hand written) War Diaries (WO95) are kept at the National Archive at Kew.

Additional material from the War Diary of 145 Infantry Brigade (WO95/2760 and 2761), where it applies to 1/4th Oxford and Bucks is being added in blue. The Brigade War Diary contains many of the Operation Orders and some maps which are missing from the 1/4th Oxford and Bucks War Diary.

The reference nos. at Kew for the War Diaries of the 1/4th Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry are as follows:-

France & Belgium
March 1915 to Nov. 1917
Nov 1917 to March 1919

And for the 145 Infantry Brigade:-

France & Belgium
March 1915 to Nov 1919
France & Belgium
Nov 1916 to Nov 1917

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